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MEET Malinda and her kids............

Malinda is appreciative of the child care services she has received from the 4C Council.  In her own words she states, "I first wanted to thank 4Cs for being so supportive in my journey.  I'm who I am now because of the support they gave me through the toughest times of my life.  4Cs was not just my childcare provider...they became my family.  I started with them in 1997 and was able to go to work and provide for my kids.

When I first started with 4Cs I just planned to work but when I had my last daughter I was determined to show my daughters, all four, that it is never too late to go back to school.  The economy was getting tougher and even though I had assistance for daycare, I still was responsible to be the sole provider.  So in 2014 I decided to give back to the community and go to school for a medical assistant I then pursued and, nine months later, I graduated with honors.   I started to work with Palo Alto Medical Foundatioin and finally was able to get off welfare and be self sufficient for my daughters.  

If it wasn't for 4Cs to help me grow and achieve this goal for my family I honestly don't know what I would have done.  Today I'm a Certified Medical Assistant and able to be self sufficient and my girls are so thankful and now strive to be powerful women.  My 21 year old is in culinary school, my 17 year old is finishing her first year as a police officer, my 15 year old wants to be a writer, and my baby enjoys life.

Thank you 4Cs.  I'm blessed for providing care for my kids so that I can be the powerful woman I am today."

 Malinda C.





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