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Preschool of America union fight is getting nasty after firing of 13 employees

The labor-management battle at Preschool of America is turning nasty. The reason: The workers want to exercise their right to join a union.

But Joanna Fan, owner of the for-profit day care company, has declared an all-out war to prevent them from doing it, the workers say.

"I have been with the union 25 years and have never seen anything like this," said Michael Green, director of organizing for District Council 1707 AFSCME, and a former day care worker himself.

Preschool of America has 14 sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It is said to charge up to $2,000 a month per child.

According to the union, Preschool of America has, so far, fired 13 employees since a National Labor Relations Board-certified vote on Aug. 2 at the company's West End location that favored the union 10-3.

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