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For Parents

  • What is the new attendance sheet policy?

    Beginning 8/1/14, families and providers must fill out time sheets that are sent to them by 4Cs. These time sheets will be bar-coded and have the parent’s, child’s, and provider’s info pre-printed on them.

  • Will 4Cs still accept the old time sheets?

    No. Starting with the time sheets for August childcare (due 9/5/14), 4Cs will only accept the new bar-coded time sheets that are sent directly to childcare providers.

  • When will the time sheets be sent out?

    Time sheets will be sent to providers in the last week of each month, so families and providers should have them before the next month begins.

  • What if I don’t receive a time sheet from 4Cs?

    If neither you nor your provider has received a time sheet from 4Cs by the 1st of the month, call your case manager and request that one be sent to you.

  • When is 4Cs open?

    4Cs' hours of operation are 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday by appointment ONLY. Unfortunately 4Cs does not accept walk-ins. Please call (408) 487-0747 to make an appointment.

  • What are Best Interest Days?

    Each enrolled child receives 10 Best Interest Days per fiscal year. Best Interest Days entitle the provider to reimbursement for the days designated for the best interest of the child. Best Interest days ARE NOT paid to providers when the provider is not open for business.
    Absences classified as best interest days are:

    • Parent's day off; parent's vacation
    • Child visit with a non-custodial parent or other family members

    Parents must request Best Interest Days from their case manager and provider in advance. Parents must also record and sign for Best Interest Days used on the attendance sheet.

  • When are provider checks mailed out?

    Checks are mailed out on the 15th calendar day of the month.

  • When are attendance sheets due?

    Attendance sheets are due by the 5th calendar day of the following month child care occurred.

  • Does the 4Cs license child care providers?

    4Cs does not license child care providers. Community Care Licensing is responsible for licensing all child care providers in Santa Clara County. If you have any questions on how to become a licensed child care provider, would like to file a complaint about a licensed child care provider, or would like to obtain a background check on a licensed provider you can call Community Care Licensing at (408) 324-2148.

  • Can the 4Cs recommend a good child care provider for me?

    4Cs does not make recommendations, we only provide referrals. We encourage parental choice by educating parents/guardians about the variety of child care options they have. These include but are not limited to, licensed family child care homes, licensed child care centers, centers that are exempt from licensing, nanny agencies, and co-ops. We can not guarantee the quality of the providers in our files, and we strongly encourage parents to visit facilities, interview the provider(s), and check references before making the decision to leave a child in care.

  • What are family fees? And how are they figured?

    At the time of enrollment, recertification, and/or change in income, the parent will be notified if they must pay a Family Fee to the 4Cs for their child care services. Fees are determined based upon the Child Care and Development Family Fee Schedule provided by the California Department of Education. Gross income and family size are used to determine the daily Family Fee rate. Parents will be charged this Family Fee for each day that the 4Cs reimburses the child care provider.

  • What are the different CalWORKs stages?

    Stage 1: When a person is receiving the cash aid grant for himself/herself.
    Stage 2: A period of 24 months after a person stops receiving the cash aid grant for himself/herself.
    Stage 3: A person is considered in Stage 3 after being off of the cash aid grant for more than 24 months.

  • What happens if I go back on cash aid?

    Parents enrolled in the CalWORKs program, going back on cash aid may mean you will be referred back to Santa Clara County’s Social Service Agency (SSA) for continued child care service. Normally parents who go back on cash-aid are considered to be in Stage 1. 4Cs is funded to provide child care for parents who are considered in Stage 2 & 3. If you are referred back to SSA , there is usually no interruption of payment and services. However, each case will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Parents NOT in the CalWORKs program, may possibly receive cash-aid for your dependants and still be enrolled in one of our other alternative payment programs.

  • Can I get child care paid for while I look for a job?

    Yes, each parent included in the family size is eligible to seek employment for a period of 60 days per fiscal year, excluding weekends and federal holidays. Child care services are limited to the hours between 6am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, and must total less 30 hours per week.

  • Can I get child care paid for while I go to school?

    A parent in vocational training must be working towards a vocational goal leading to employment. Parents are limited to six years of child care services upon start of training or twenty four semester units after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree, whichever occurs first.

  • Can I have more than one provider? For example, I need day time care while I work and evening care while I go to school.

    Parents may use more than one childcare provider if needed but hours of childcare may not overlap between providers. Please contact your case manager for more information.

  • When should I contact my case manager?

    Parents should contact their case manager any time there is a change in status, work schedule, childcare provider, pay rate, family size, or any other reason that may affect the eligibility within 5 days of the change. Parents should always attempt to contact the case managers ahead of time if possible. Last minute or late reporting may affect provider payment.

  • I am pregnant and will be placed on Maternity Leave? How will this affect my childcare?

    When a parent goes on maternity leave, the case will be placed on a “Maternity Leave of Absence”. This leave may not exceed 16 weeks and childcare WILL NOT be paid during this time. Parents must contact their case manager ahead of time when they are ready to end their maternity leave and start using childcare again. Childcare must be authorized by the case manager before childcare resumes.

  • I will not be in need of childcare for a short period of time. Will my case be closed?

    If you do not need childcare for a period of time due to reasons such as your child visiting a non-custodial parent or wanting to take time off between school semesters, contact your case manager to be placed on a “Leave of Absence.” This leave may not exceed 12 weeks and childcare WILL NOT be paid during this time. Parents must contact their case manager ahead of time when they are ready to end their leave and start using childcare again. Childcare must be authorized by the case manager before childcare resumes.

  • I want to change my childcare provider. How do I do that?

    The CalWORKs program is parent choice; which means that the parent may choose any provider they decide (licensed or not). If you are thinking of ceasing care with your current provider, please note that a two weeks notice to your provider and case manager must be given. Once a two week notice has been given, contact your case manager with the name, address, and telephone number of your new provider. Your case manager will then inform you of the appropriate contact person for your new provider to call to ensure they become enrolled as a current provider. Remember that childcare with any provider should not start until it has been authorized by your case manager. If you need help finding a licensed provider, please contact our Resource and Referral Department at (408) 487-0749. You are also encouraged to contact Community Care Licensing at (408) 324-2148 to obtain information about any licensed provider.

  • What is a co-payment?

    A co-payment is the difference between what a childcare provider charges and what the California Department of Education allows the 4Cs to pay childcare providers. The co-payment is the responsibility of the parent to pay directly to the childcare provider.

  • How do you determine what my family’s income is?

    Income assessment are done at initial enrollment, recertification, when there is changes in status, pay rate, or when requested or needed by the case manager. The case manager will use documentation such as employment verification forms, pay stubs, and child support warrants. Based on the frequency of the pay periods, an average gross monthly amount will be calculated. The gross monthly amount and the family size will determine if the family is income eligible or has a family fee.

  • When does the fiscal year begin and end? How does this affect me?

    The fiscal year begins every July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. The fiscal year impacts certain aspects of your child care. For more details contact your case manager.

  • Who is my case manager? How do I find out?

    If you don’t know who your case manager is you may contact our office at (408) 487-0747 and ask for the Officer of the Day. He/She will be able to assist you in finding who your case manager is.

  • How can I find out who handles my provider’s payment?

    We have a fiscal department who handles provider payments. Provider payment is alphabetically arranged by the last name of the childcare provider. Each staff member is responsible for specific letters. For more information please contact your case manager.

  • How can I find out who handles my parent fee?

    If you have a parent fee and would like to contact the appropriate person in the billing department, please call (408) 487-0747 and ask for the Accounts Receivable department.

  • If I am terminated from the program, am I eligible to re-apply?

    In most cases re-enrolling into the program is treated the same as enrolling into the program the first time. It is best to contact our Enrollment Coordinators are (408) 487-0623 if you would like to re-enroll.

  • How long am I able to remain enrolled in your program?

    It depends on the specific program you are enrolled in. Please contact your case manager for more information.

  • I cannot pay my family fee this month. What should I do?

    If you cannot make your monthly family fee payment, contact your case manager immediately to discuss your options.

  • My provider did not receive his/her check. What happened?

    There are many different reasons why a provider is not paid on time. Please contact your case manager.

  • Is the information I provide to 4C Council kept confidential?

    All of the information that you disclose with us, as well as the information we provide you (such as referrals), are kept in strict confidence.

  • When can I get a referral for childcare?

    You may contact 4Cs Resource and Referral Call Center at (408) 487-0749 Mondays and Wednesdays 8:45am-4:45pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 8:30am-4:45pm. All referrals are free and confidential. You can also access the 4Cs On-line Child Care Search Tool 24/7.

  • What if I am not sure of what I need to do to get childcare services?

    4Cs makes everything as easy as possible for you. Our consultants are well trained and experienced to assist you with the process in receiving child care services. Please call 4Cs Resource and Referral Call Center at (408) 487-0749 for help.

  • What if my child is disabled or has special needs?

    4Cs assists and trains providers to care for children with special needs in the childcare setting. There are consultants on staff who are specialized to handle these situations at (408) 487-0749.

  • Where do I turn in my time sheets?

    4C Council: 150 River Oaks Pkwy, San Jose CA 95134.

  • Can I fax or email my time sheets?

    No, we only accept time sheets with the original signatures. Time sheets must be mailed or dropped off.

  • What does the bar code on the time sheet mean?

    This is for 4Cs internal use. The time sheets will be scanned when they are turned in so we can track in our computer that they have been received.


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