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Looking for Special Needs Child Care Services

Navigating child care options for a child with special needs can be overwhelming and should be given special consideration. 4Cs can help make that decision by offering:

  • A list of providers who have attended trainings on various topics including children with special needs in their programs.
  • Consultation to help parents find child care services.

    Referrals will be made by specialized referral counselors with a child’s special needs in mind. Please contact (408) 487-0749

Other Resources for Parents of Children who have Special Needs

Inclusion Collaborative
The Inclusion Collaborative is your partner in providing inclusive environments for children. The agency is committed to ensuring that children with disabilities and special needs have equal access to full participation in inclusive community and learning environments.
Services provided include:
• Advocacy and Access
• Inclusion Support Professional Development
• Screening and Assessment Consultation
• To contact Inclusion Collaborative call (408) 453-6756
• Free Inclusion Support Warm Line

Inclusion Support Warm Line
Educators and parents can contact the Warm Line for free support, information, and referrals resources for including children with special needs or disabilities in schools and the community.
Services provided include:
• Referrals to local resources, agencies, and services
• Information for educators beginning or implementing inclusion
• Answers to parents’ questions regarding inclusion
• Packets on inclusion topics
• Suggestions and resource referrals regarding challenging behaviors.
To contact the Inclusion Support Warm Line call (408) 453-6651or email

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