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Resource and Referral for Parents

  • helps families find licensed child care providers.

  • maintains service profiles for licensed child care providers. Providers should keep an up-to-date profile with 4Cs Resource and Referral so that referrals given to families are current and accurate.

  • administered by 4Cs pay for child care for eligible families.

  • reimburses participating child care providers for serving nutritious meals to the children in their care.

  • pays for child care for eligible families with a focus on children's early development.

  • offers training and reimbursement to child care providers in CPR, First Aid, and similar practices to ensure the safety of children in their care.

    To download a list of Health and Safety Training Educators, click here.

  • 4Cs operates several private Child Development Centers open to families enrolled in subsidized programs as well as non-subsidized families who pay out of pocket for child care services.

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