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Senior Nutrition Program

Senior Nutrition Program

The JTS Northside Community Center is proud to provide a Senior Nutrition Program with an all new onsite cooking staff.

The Senior Nutrition Program provides high quality, cost efficient, nutritious meals to seniors and promotes the role of nutrition in preventative health and long term care.

A nutritious lunch will be provided to all seniors every week Sunday – Thursday between 12:00pm-12:30pm.

The Senior Nutrition Program serves lunch on SUNDAYS!

*$3 recommended donation for seniors 60 and above*
*$8 contribution for non seniors below the age of 60*

Please click below for the Northside Community Center Lunch Menu.

February 2017 Lunch Calendar

March 2017 Lunch Calendar

April 2017 Lunch Calendar

May 2017 Lunch Calendar

2016-2017 Holiday Schedule

The Senior Nutrition program will be closed the following date in February:

20th of February - Monday, February 20, 2017

Please click here to see a list of other holidays throughout the year when the Senior Nutrition program is closed.

Public and Private Rental Options

Northside is available to host public and private events. Events include but are not limited to:

-Birthday Parties
-Baby Showers
-Wedding Anniversaries
-And much more

*Discounted rates available for eligible non-profit organizations*
Click here for the facility use rental application. For more information, please contact Alysia Ramirez ( or Frances Reyes (

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