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For Providers

  • What is the new attendance sheet policy?

    Beginning 8/1/14, families and providers must fill out time sheets that are sent to them by 4Cs. These time sheets will be bar-coded and have the parent’s, child’s, and provider’s info pre-printed on them.

  • Will 4Cs still accept the old time sheets after 8/1/14?

    Starting with the time sheets for August childcare (due 9/5/14), 4Cs will only accept the new time sheets.

  • When will the time sheets be sent to me?

    Time sheets will be sent to providers in the last week of each month, so families and providers should have them before the next month begins.

  • When is 4Cs open?

    4Cs' hours of operation are 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 4Cs does not accept walk-ins; you must call 408-487-0747 to make an appointment to see 4Cs staff.

  • What if I don’t receive a time sheet from 4Cs?

    If you are a provider currently providing child care, and neither you nor the family whose children you are caring for have not received a time sheet from 4Cs by the 1st of the month, call the case manager for the family and request that one be sent to you.

  • Does the 4C Council license child care providers?

    4C Council does not license child care providers. Community Care Licensing is responsible for licensing all child care providers in Santa Clara County. If you have any questions on how to become a licensed child care provider, would like to file a complaint about a licensed child care provider or would like to obtain a background check on a licensed provider you can call Community Care Licensing at (408) 324-2148.

  • Can the 4C Council recommend a good child care provider for me?

    4C Council does not make recommendations, we only provide referrals. We encourage parental choice by educating parents/guardians about the variety of child care options they have. These include but are not limited to, licensed family child care homes, licensed child care centers, centers that are exempt from licensing, nanny agencies, and co-ops. We can not guarantee the quality of the providers in our files, and we strongly encourage parents to visit facilities, interview the provider(s), and check references before making the decision to leave a child in care.

  • How do I become a Network Provider?

    The 4C Council recruits providers on an "as needed basis". Recruitment of new providers happens when there is a need for more providers residing in particular zip codes, an increased need for providers who have child care openings for a specific age group, or an increase in child care openings in general. There is no scheduled time of year when recruitment happens.

    Providers who meet the general criteria above are pulled from the 4C Council Resource and Referral database. If you are a Family Day Care Home Provider and you are interested in being recruited the first step to take is to contact the 4C Council Resource and Referral Department and register your Family Day Care. Newly licensed Family Day Care Home Providers are also pulled from a report given by Community Care Licensing. The providers at this time are filtered and any provider who is not in good standing with Community Care Licensing is not selected to continue with the process.

    Once the number of providers needed has been gathered, a 4C Council staff person will call or send an invitation to the selected providers to attend an informational meeting. If the invited providers are interested in becoming a provider after the informational meeting they go through a thorough screening to see if they meet additional requirements such as CPR certification and liability insurance. If the provider meets the additional requirements a site visit is scheduled. The child care facility will be assessed and if the facility is not in good condition, the process stops. If the facility is in good condition the prospective provider is asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and can begin to participate as a Network Provider.

  • Is the information I provide to 4C Council kept confidential?

    All of the information that you disclose with us, as well as the information we provide you (such as referrals), are kept in strict confidence.

  • When can I get a referral for childcare?

    You may contact 4C Council Resource and Referral Call Center at 408-487-0749 Mondays and Wednesdays 8:45am-4:45pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 8:30am-4:45pm. All referrals are free and confidential. You can also access the 4C Council On-line Child Care Search Tool 24/7.

  • What if I'm not sure of what I need to do to get childcare services?

    4C Council makes everything as easy as possible for you. Our consultants are well trained and experienced to assist you with the process in receiving child care services. You may contact 4C Council Resource and Referral Call Center at 408-487-0749 for help.

  • What if my child is disabled or has special needs?

    4C Council assists and trains providers to care for children with special needs in the childcare setting. There are consultants on staff who are specialized to handle these situations that you can speak with at 408-487-0749.

  • When are provider checks mailed?

    ***Effective July 1, 2014***

    All attendance sheets are due on the 5th calendar day of the month.

    When complete and accurate attendance sheets are received by the 4C Council by the 5th calendar day of the month after the month of service, provider payments will be mailed on the 15th of the month. For attendance sheets received after the 5th, but no later than the 20th of the month, provider payments will be mailed on the last day of the month. Attendance sheets received after the 20th of the month will be paid using the next month’s schedule.

    Complete and accurate attendance sheets must be received no later than two (2) months after the month of service in order for payments to be made. No payment will be made for attendance sheets received after the final due date.

    For a calendar of the 2013-2014 Provider Payment, click here.
    For a calendar of the 2014-2015 Provider Payment, click here.

    There may be other reasons your check was not mailed out, for specifics about your check, please contact 408-487-0747 and inform the receptionist that you are a child care provider and would like to speak to a Fiscal Accountant.

  • When are attendance sheets due?

    Effective November 1, 2012, childcare attendance sheets must be submitted by the 5th calendar day. Provider payment will be delayed if attendance sheets are received after the 5th of the month.
    Click here to download the 2013-14 Time Sheet Due Date Calendar.
    Click here to download the 2014-15 Time Sheet Due Date Calendar.

  • How do I confirm my employment with the 4C Council as a child care provider?

    The 4C Council DOES NOT employ any child care provider. The 4C Council reimburses child care providers on behalf of eligible participants. Providers interested in receiving a history of these payments may contact a Fiscal Accountant at 408-4870747 and inform the receptionist that you are a child care provider and would like to speak to a Fiscal Accountant.

  • Are taxes withheld on my checks?

    Taxes are not withheld from provider payments as child care providers are not employees of the 4C Council. By January 31st of each year, all child care providers should receive a 10-99 documenting the dollar amount paid in the previous calendar year. If you did not receive a 10-99 please call 408-487-0747 and ask to speak to a Fiscal Accountant.

  • I did not receive a 10-99. What should I do?

    Please call 408-487-0747 and ask to speak to a Fiscal Accountant.

  • How do I apply for 4C services?

    4C's does not employ any child care provider. Most of our programs allow parents to choose their own provider, licensed or not.

    If you are licensed child care provider, you can call our Resource and Referral Department at 408-487-0747 to be placed on a database of all licensed child care providers. When a Resource and Referral Representative receives a call from parents looking for providers in Santa Clara County the parent may be given your name and phone number if you appear to be a good match for their child care needs. Being placed on the database does not guarantee that any parent will select you to care for their child(ren).

    If you are not a licensed child care provider, you must be chosen by someone you know to become their child's child care provider. If you would like information on becoming a licensed child care provider you may contact our Resource and Referral Department at 408-487-0747.

  • How much does it cost to be added to the Resource & Referral database?

    NOTHING! It is absolutely free to call Resource & Referral and have your child care information added to the R&R database. Remember that only licensed child care providers may be listed.

  • How do I join the 4C Council Child Care Food Program?

    Once you are a licensed provider or a license-exempt TrustLine provider, you can join the 4C Council Food Program. Please call (408) 487-0748 as to speak to someone in the Child Care Food Program. You may schedule a time for a visit from a representative from this department to enroll you into the program.

  • I moved and want to change my address.

    If you have moved to a different address you must contact one of our Provider Coordinators at 408-487-0747. You need to schedule an appointment and bring a valid CA ID with you.

  • I would like to update my rates. How do I do that?

    Each child care provider is allowed to update their rates once per year.

    If you are a licensed provider you can fax your updated rates to 408-372-9314. It is in your best interest to follow up by calling one of our Provider Coordinators at 408-487-0747 to confirm receipt of your new rates. Remember, the rates charged to subsidized parents must be the same rates charged to the general public. In addition, the 4C Council has a 30 day notice policy for all new rates.

    If you are not a licensed provider you need to contact one of out Provider Coordinators at 408-487-0747 to schedule an appointment to update your rates. You must bring a valid CA ID with you to your appointment.

  • I have a two week notice policy and the 4C Council did not pay it to me.

    The two week notice policy is an agreement between parents and providers. The 4C Council is a third party who reimburses child care providers on behalf of eligible parents. When a parent is not eligible for this benefit the 4C Council is not responsible for reimbursing providers. When a parent abandons care and fails to notify their child care provider that care will end, the 4C Council cannot be held responsible for accommodating the 2 week notice policy. The 4C Council does, however, offer a courtesy 2 week notice that payment will end as a result of the parent no longer meeting need and eligibility requirements.

  • My check is short. Who do I speak to?

    If you feel your check does not reflect the correct dollar amount you were expecting to be paid please contact one of our Fiscal Accountants at 408-487-0747.

  • Where do I turn in my time sheets?

    4C Council: 150 River Oaks Pkwy, San Jose CA 95134

  • Can I fax or email my time sheets?

    No, we only accept time sheets with the original signatures. Time sheets must be mailed or dropped off.

  • What does the bar code on the time sheet mean?

    A bar code appears on time sheets for August 2014 childcare. The barcode is for 4Cs internal use. When the time sheets are returned to 4C Council, they will be scanned so we can track in our computer that they have been received.


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