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4Cs offers Child Care and Early Education Providers trainings and workshops that provide child development education along with various related subjects. These informative trainings and workshops are enjoyable by way of discussions and activities. Trainings and workshops are designed to enhance the provision of quality child care. Trainings and workshops are offered in English and Spanish.

Family Child Care At Its Best - A Series of Early Care and Education Classes offered through UC Davis Extension, Center for Human Services:

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Health and Safety Workshop Series

****Please do not bring children to the class.  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  This ensures we have optimal learning environment and sufficient materials and preparation for the presenters so the training benefits all those who attend.****


               Saturday, February 2, 2019

               Saturday, April 27, 2019

     ****Please do not bring children to the class.  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  This ensures we have optimal learning environment and sufficient materials and preparation for the presenters so the training benefits all those who attend.****        

January 2019 Workshops

  • I Saturday I 1.5.2019 I 9:00am-12:00pm I $10 / per person

    This workshop will help you manage your Family Child Care business smoothly and efficiently.
    You will learn how to maximize your tax deductions and increase your income.
    Presented by: James Houston, EA, One Stop Tax Shop.

    Este taller le ayudará a manejar su negocio de cuidado infantil familiar eficientemente. Usted aprenderá a cómo llevar al máximo sus deducciones y aumentar sus ingresos.
    Presentado por: James Houston, EA, One Stop Tax Shop. (intérprete y audífonos disponible para este taller)

  • I Thursday I 1.17.2019 I 6:30pm-8:30pm I $10 / per person

    Keeping children healthy is an essential component of any child care program.  Come learn about the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing and if your favorite cleaners are really cleaning how you need.  We will also explore plastics in children’s toys, cups and bottles.  From rubber duckys to sippy cups, you’ll be able to tell what’s safe.  The Eco-Healthy curriculum is research based and part of the Children’s Environmental Health Network. 
    Presented by: Jeanette Bellerive & Corazon Mendoza, Certified Trainers

    Mantener los niños sanos es un componente esencial de cualquier programa de cuidado infantil. Vengan a aprender sobre la diferencia entre limpieza, desinfección y sanitación y sus limpiadores favoritos realmente están limpiando como deben. También exploraremos plásticos en juguetes para niños, tazas y botellas ,desde patitos de goma, a sippy cups; usted podrá decidir lo que es seguro. El plan de estudios Eco-saludable es basado en investigaciones y parte del Children’s Environmental Health Network.
    Presentado por: Karina Naranjo, entrenador con certificado

  • I Thursday I 1.31.19 I 6:30pm-9:30pm I $10/per person

    Social-Emotional development is the foundation for all growth. This make and take workshop will explore tools that child care providers and parents can use to help children become emotionally literate. Discussion will focus around the California Infant & Toddler Learning Foundations and how adults can guide children to become socially competent.
    Presented by: Jeanette Bellerive, M.A. & Jessica Moctezuma, M.A.

    Esta clase incrementará su capacidad y destreza a cómo promover habilidades sociales y emocionales en bebes y niños pequeños. Cómo los niños pequeños se desarrollan social y emocionalmente. ¿Qué pueden hacer las personas que cuidan niños para promover el desarrollo socio-emocional exitosamente? Actividades por edad para impulsar el desarrollo socio‐emocional.
    Presentado por: Maria Gómez, entrenador con certificado

February 2019 Workshops

  • I Thursday I 2.7.2019 I 6:30pm – 8:30pm I $10/per person

    Nutrition is fundamental to a child’s growth and development. Parents and caregivers are role models as their children develop eating habits. This workshop will explore Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility in Feeding and the USDA My Plate recommendations. Participants will learn how to apply this best practice feeding model, which when used, provides the structure and support needed so that children are able to learn to eat a variety of foods and an amount that is right for them.
    Presented by: Jeanette Bellerive M.A.

    La nutrición es la base para el crecimiento y el desarrollo del niño. Los padres y los proveedores son los modelos para que los niños desarrollen hábitos alimenticios. Este taller explorará la División de Responsabilidad de Ellyn Satter en la alimentación y las recomendaciones del United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Choose My Plate. Los participantes aprenderán cómo aplicar este modelo de alimentación de las mejores prácticas, y cuando se utiliza el modelo ofrece estructura y el apoyo necesarios para que los niños sean capaces de aprender a comer una variedad de alimentos y una cantidad que es correcto para ellos.
    Presentado por: en pendiente

  • I Saturday I 2.9.2019 I 9:00am – 12:30pm I $10/per person

    Early identification of social-emotional challenges can make all the difference to a young child. The proof is undeniable: the earlier a behavioral concern is identified, the greater the chance a child has for reaching his or her full potential in life. The ASQ SE2  is easy to understand and simple screening tool for children ages 0-5 years that focuses specifically on Social Emotional Development. Providers will become familiar with how to use the ASQ SE2 including how to administer, score, interpret, and make referral decisions based on the results. Providers will learn how to assist parents in completing the ASQ SE2 and learn to respectfully/effectively communicate with parents about screening results.
    Presented by: Maria Brown, Certified Trainer

    La identificación temprana de los problemas socio-emocionales puede hacer toda la diferencia para un niño pequeño. La prueba es innegable: se identifica la anterior una preocupación conductual, mayor es la probabilidad que un niño tiene para alcanzar su pleno potencial en la vida. El ASQ SE2 es fácil de entender y simple herramienta de evaluación para niños de 0-5 años que se centra específicamente en el desarrollo social y emocional. Los proveedores se familiaricen con el uso de la ASQ SE2 incluyendo la forma de administrar, la puntuación, interpretar y tomar decisiones de referencia en base a los resultados Proveedores aprenderán a ayudar a los padres a completar el ASQ SE2 y aprender respetuosamente / comunicar eficazmente con los padres sobre los resultados del examen. (intérprete y audífonos disponible para este taller)
    Presentado por: Maria Brown, Entrenadora Certificada.

  • I Wednesday I 2.27.2019 I 6:30pm – 9:30pm I $30/per person

    Want to start, expand or succeed in Family Child Care? This workshop presented by national expert Tom Copeland will give you tips, tools and skills to: attract new clients, save money on your taxes, save time, identify ways to increase your rates, identify ways to reduce spending, prevent parents from owing you money when they leave, and plan for your retirement.
    Presented by: Tom Copeland, Private Consultant

    Acaba de recibir su licencia de cuidado infantil? Este taller esta diseñado nuevos proveedores que comienzan su negocio. Información sobre contratos, mercadeo y seguros de negocio, así como la creación de su filosofía, póliza y procedimientos. Establezca su negocio para que sea un éxito! (intérprete y audífonos disponible para este taller)
    Presentado por: Tom Copeland, consultor privado

December 2018


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