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4C Council Provider Workshops

4Cs offers Child Care and Early Education Providers trainings and workshops that provide child development education along with various related subjects. These informative trainings and workshops are enjoyable by way of discussions and activities. Trainings and workshops are designed to enhance the provision of quality child care. Trainings and workshops are offered in English and Spanish.

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  • Thursday I 5.7.2015 I 6:30pm – 9:30pm I English Only I $10/per person

    Who should attend? Family Child Care Providers and Center based Teachers

    This course will take a comprehensive look at current green business options for day care homes and centers. Participants will conduct feasibility studies and create an action plan that will help them reach appropriate, affordable and attainable goals. Attendees of this course will learn: Why go Green? Is it feasible? How to save Money and resources, Prevent pollution, Energy audit, Green branding and marketing.

    Presented by: Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

    Please click here to download the flier and registration form for the May 2015 workshops.

  • I Saturday I 5.30.2015 I 9:00am – 12:00pm I $10/per person

    Who should attend? Family Child Care Providers, Center based Teachers, License Exempt Providers and Parents.

    The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development, but most dramatically within an infant’s brain. Throughout the first 3 years, an infant’s brain creates hundreds of trillions of connections, or synapses. In this workshop we will explore the structure of brain development including how infants are “wired” for learning.

    Presented by: Child Care Initiative Program Coordinator

    Please click here to download the flier and registration form for the May 2015 workshops.

  • jueves I 5.14.2015 I 6:30pm – 9:00pm I $10/por persona

    ¿Quién debe asistir? Proveedores de cuidado infantil en el hogar, los maestros basados ​​en el centro.

    Este curso tendrá una visión completa de opciones para guarderías infantiles pueden reciclar y ayudar al medio ambiente. Los participantes llevarán a cabo estudios de viabilidad y crear un plan de acción que ayudará a alcanzar los objetivos apropiados, económicos y alcanzables. Los participantes de este curso aprenderán; ¿Por qué reciclar? Cómo ahorrar dinero y recursos para prevenir la contaminación; cómo llevar a cabo una auditoría energética, y como ser reconocido como una guardería que ayuda el medio ambiente y la comercialización.

    Presentado por: Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

    Para folleto y registración en español

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