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Child Care Legislation


Recent Forms of Legislation Tracked by the NCSL Database

*The information listed on this site is compiled from a variety of sources and the reader should confirm content and accuracy.

  • Child Care Services: Eligibility

    CA A 273

    Adds for the purposes of eligibility under the Child Care and Development Services Act parents that are engaged in an educational program for English as a second language learners or to attain a high school diploma or general educational development certificate.

    Author: Aguiar-Curry (D) Additional Authors: Jackson (D);Rubio (D);Reyes (D);Gloria (D);Friedman (D);Leyva (D);Gonzalez (D);Weber (D);Waldron (R);Stone (D);Mitchell (D);Skinner (D);Mendoza (D);Wiener (D);Garcia (D);Atkins (D);Caballero (D)

  • Child Care Facilities: State Employees

    CA S 401

    Requires adequate space within an office building to meet the child care needs of state employees. Requires that the indoor activity space and outdoor activity space comply with requirements in specified regulations.

    Author: Pan (D)

  • Alternative Payment Programs: Child Care

    CA A 603

    Requires child care providers authorized to provide services to submit to the alternative payment program a monthly attendance record for each child who received services. Requires alternative payment programs to develop an electronic time sheet process for the monthly attendance record or invoices. Requires alternative payment programs to offer the electronic time sheet process to child care providers.

    Author: Quirk-Silva (D)

  • Public Health: Potable Water Systems: Lead Testing

    CA A 746

    Requires a community water system, that serves a school site of a local educational agency with a building constructed before a given date, to test for lead in the potable water system of the school site. Requires the community water system to report its findings to the school site. Requires the local educational agency, if the lead level exceed a specified level, to notify the parents and guardians of the pupils who attend the school site or preschool. Requires immediate safety actions by school personnel.

    Author: Gonzalez (D) Additional Authors: McCarty (D);Rubio (D)

  • Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force

    CA A 1520

    Amends existing law which establishes various programs that provide cash assistance and other benefits relating to health care, food, and housing to qualified low-income families and individuals. States the intent of the Legislature to move toward reducing child poverty by 50 percent over a 20-year period. Uses a specified framework as guiding and nonbinding recommendations for purposes of enacting fund programs or services that reduce child poverty.

    Author: Burke (D) Additional Authors: Anderson (R);Limon (D);Gloria (D);Thurmond (D);Steinorth (R);Mayes (R);Cooper (D);Chiu (D);Baker (R);Garcia (D);Bradford (D);Rubio (D)


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