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For Parents

Filing an Appeal

Any parent participating in 4C Council's Subsidized Child Care Programs who is in disagreement with either the actions or policies of the 4C Council or its staff members may follow the agency's appeal process and request a local hearing. The purpose of this process is to provide a method of discussion and settling differences. The person(s) filing an appeal will be free from restraint, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.
At every step of this process, the filing party may be accompanied by another person to represent and/or translate for him/her, or have another person (called an “authorized representative”) attend the hearing on their behalf.

Appeal Policy

  • 4C Council's Parent Appeal Policy

    To protect your appeal rights, you must follow the instructions described in each step listed below. If you do not respond by the required due dates or fail to submit the required appeal information with your appeal request, your appeal may be considered abandoned.

    Step 1
    Within 14 days of receiving the notice of action or letter upon which the grievance arose, the filing party shall state, in writing, the reasons he/she disagrees with the agency’s action and request a local hearing.
    Step 2
    Mail, fax, deliver, or email your reasons and local hearing request to the 4C Council, Attn. Hearing Officer.
    By Mail:
    4C Council
    150 River Oaks Parkway, Suite F1
    San Jose, CA 95134
    Attn: Hearing Officer

    By Fax:
    (408) 413-2987
    Attn: Hearing Officer

    By Email:
    Attn: Hearing Officer
    Attn: Hearing Officer

    Step 3
    Within ten (10) calendar days following the agency’s receipt of your appeal request, the agency will notify you of the time and place of the hearing. You or your authorized representative are required to attend the hearing. If you or your representative do not attend the hearing, you abandon your rights to an appeal, and the action of the agency will be implemented.
    Step 4
    Within ten (10) calendar days following the hearing, the agency shall mail, email or deliver to you a written decision.
    Step 5
    If you disagree with the written decision of the agency, you have 14 calendar days in which to appeal to Early Education and Support Division (EESD). Your appeal to EESD must include the following documents and information:
    1) A written statement specifying the reasons you believe the agency’s decision was incorrect,
    2) A copy of the agency’s decision letter, and
    3) A copy of both sides of Notice of Action or letter
    You may either fax your appeal or mail to the California Department of Education Early Education and Support Division.
    By Mail:
    1430 N Street, Suite 3410
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Attn: Appeals Coordinator
    Phone: 916-322-6233

    By Fax:
    (916) 323-6853

    By Email:
    Step 6
    Within 30 calendar days after the receipt of your appeal, EESD will issue a written decision to you and the agency. If you appeal is denied, the agency will stop providing child care and development services immediately upon receipt of CDE’s decision letter.

Additional Resources

Parent Appeal Information Pamphlet (available here)Parent Appeal Information Pamphlet
Folleto de información para los padres sobre las apelaciones (disponible aquí)Folleto de información para los padres sobre las apelaciones
Authorized Representative for Local Appeal Hearing form (available here)Authorized Representative for Local Appeal Hearing

Sumbit your Appeal On-line

If you do not agree with the agency's action as stated in the Notice of  Action, you may appeal the intended action.  Please complete the below form and submit a copy of the Notice of Action that you received.  You will receive a response from the 4C Council with ten (10) calendar days following the agency's receipt of your appeal request.

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