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Our Recent Child Care Providers Meeting

On Monday, April 9, 2018, the Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County hosted a Forum for our child care providers to discuss a letter that we received from the California Department of Education (CDE).

In the letter, the CDE proposed a decision not to offer our agency funding for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.

Needless to say, this news was unexpected.

As an organization that has been around for nearly half a century, we wish to continue serving the children, seniors, and families in our community. Meanwhile, the CDE’s letter came on the heels of a report from a State Auditor, which presented minor findings regarding items that our agency needs to improve/correct.

We have already begun the process of implementing these changes. We hope to move forward in improving our agency, as we appeal the CDE’s proposed decision.

We have by no means been perfect for all these years. We admit that our team has made some mistakes, but we are sincerely working to correct all of them. With a new management team in place, we are in fact making a great deal of headway.

However, regrettably, the Service Employees Union International Local 521 (SEIU) has been spearheading a heartless campaign to drive our organization into the ground. They’ve put an enormous amount of funds and resources into harassing and intimidating various staff members, child care providers, and families. It seems that they’ve seized upon any weakness that they could find in our agency, to wage a merciless aggression against our management team.

SEIU even sent three representatives out to our most recent Forum, to pass out misinformative flyers to the child care providers as they entered. These representatives also violated trespassing laws: not getting permission to come on the property, blocking the driveway to the parking lot, and uncooperatively ignoring directions from property representatives.

When asked to leave, and told that it was private property, they actually refused.

One SEIU representative, named Kristy, had the audacity to say that what they were doing was lawful, due to what’s called the “Pruneyard Decision.”

In actuality, the Pruneyard Decision, which was made in 1980, pertains to a Supreme Court decision that granted free speech in parts of private shopping centers.

Since the Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County is obviously not a shopping center, Kristy’s “logic” does not apply.

SEIU uses unscrupulous tactics to intimidate and disrupt, bringing chaos into the lives of the people whom we serve. They’ve harvested the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses of all our child care providers, families, and staff members. They’ve shown up at people’s houses unannounced, and made unwanted phone calls. This is behavior that SEIU engages in on a regular basis. This is what they devote their money and their resources to.

But we will not stand for it any longer.

Our community has too much to lose, by allowing SEIU to come in and destroy our organization.

Plain and simple: Labor Unions do not have the right to tarnish reputations, spread lies, and/or bully people into becoming dues-paying members.

There once was a time when we thought that in order to rise above the Union’s aggressive tactics, we were best off ignoring them. That time has passed.

We have nothing whatsoever to hide. We only want what’s best for our community. We want to continue serving and empowering children, seniors, and families. We want to correct the mistakes that the past administration left us with.

Instead of pouring our resources and time into making threats and trying to destroy another entity, we are doing the hard work of servant leaders; we are -- as we have been for the past 46 years -- making a positive impact on our community.

After the child care providers’ Forum, we truly felt inspired. The providers shared their voices to express their feelings and concerns about the agency and where it’s headed. We pledge to work in tandem with them, and other members of the community, to rebuild the foundation of the Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County.

It is our sincerest hope that we are fortunate enough to continue this great work.


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