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May 17, 2018

San Jose, Ca - The Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County, Inc. (4Cs) has been offered Conditional Contract Status from the California Department of Education (CDE) for Fiscal Year 2018 - 2019.

4Cs, which operates on $39 million worth of funds, receives the vast majority of its funding from the CDE.

However, back in March, a California State Auditor released a report on 4Cs. The report showed areas in which 4Cs needed improvement -- among them backdating notices of actions, ending family services, and making late payments.

Due to this report, the CDE then sent out a notice of proposed action on April 5, 2018, stating its intention to no longer fund 4Cs, effective July 1, 2018, the first day of the coming Fiscal Year.

4Cs appealed the CDE’s proposed action. Its Executive Management team spoke in front of an appeals panel at the Department of Education in Sacramento, bringing to light all of the positive shifts and improvements that have occurred at the organization; in some cases, items had already been corrected. The team maintained that all findings by the State Auditor were resolvable, and in no way warranted a denial of funds.

“This is an opportunity to make improvements,” Director of Compliance Colette Kudumu told the panel. “The report is giving us an opportunity to make these changes.”

Seven calendar days after the hearing, the CDE sent another letter, stating their new offer of Conditional Contract Status, which means that certain conditions must be met by 4Cs, when it comes to meeting time frames and achieving compliance standards.

“I congratulate the Board, the executive officers, and the staff for the quality of their presentation to the Department of Education,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who served as legal counsel for 4Cs. “The Department of Education's decision clearly reflects their appreciation of the services that 4Cs provides to so many families, and 4Cs is looking forward to performing equally as well in the future.”

4Cs has been in operation for 46 years, serving the community by developing and advancing early care and education services, social services, housing, senior services, health and human services, and other programs benefiting children, youth, seniors, and families. An overwhelming majority of 4Cs’ staff, families, and child care providers are ethnic minorities, representing our Hispanic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, and African-American communities in Santa Clara County.

4Cs is intent upon meeting all of the CDE’s conditions, and looks forward to continuing to serve.

“I am extremely grateful for the decision the California Department of Education has made to offer our agency continued funding for Fiscal Year 18-19. I believe the decision was based upon facts and seeing beyond the negativity portrayed in the media and other sources to see instead, the experienced, knowledgeable, caring, courageous leadership team of our agency,” said Kudumu. “Our agency has dedicated staff that want to serve and channel their passion to
serve others in a positive, selfless manner. We’re ready to move steadfastly forward and be a positive influence in others’ lives.”


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