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How offering free or subsidized child care impacts the community

Allowing access to free or subsidized child care opens up a wealth of opportunities; not just for our families, but for the communities in which those families live.

With escalating child care costs, many parents have no choice but to keep their children at home with them, unable to go to work or school. The future outlook for their families is uncertain. For many, breaking the cycle of poverty becomes near impossible.

However, when an organization like 4Cs of Santa Clara County is actively working to ensure that all families in need have access to child care, no matter what their circumstances are, the world around them changes.

Empowering and uplifting families brings more balance, security, and growth to our communities.

Our communities are made up of individuals, of families, of groups. If you educate and nurture the minds and hearts of those within a community, the community as a whole receives the benefits.

At 4Cs we are determined to continue providing child care services to Santa Clara County, and we hope to continue dedicating ourselves to serving our community.


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