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It's Official: Joe Manarang has Stepped in as 4Cs' New Executive Director

After serving for the past year as Interim Executive Director, Joe Manarang has officially assumed the role of Executive Director for the Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County, Inc. (4Cs) 

Manarang, who previously ran a consulting firm specializing in operations management and compliance, had also served as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). His passion for working with and serving our families in Santa Clara County is limitless, and he has a proven track record in strengthening systems and cultivating a culture of efficiency. His leadership is much-needed at a time when 4Cs is experiencing many shifts in regards to staffing and modes of operation. (We will be reporting more on those specific shifts soon.)

And in the interview below, you can learn more about Manarang's thoughts and plans for the future ahead...  


What have you learned from your past year as an Interim Executive Director? 


MANARANG: I’ve learned that child care is much-needed and has the potential effect of helping anybody to achieve the American dream. Really understanding this has helped me to put the mechanism in place to help achieve that.  

What are you most proud of in your past year at 4Cs?  


MANARANG: I’m most proud of three things.  

One: The amount of work that other agencies have done to help the families through the services of child care and child development programs; as well as the amount of dedication that the California Department of Education, Health and Human Services as well as the County of Santa Clara, have done throughout the years to successfully deliver these services and support the needs of a multitude of families.  

Two: The extent of the dedication of the staff; not just at 4Cs, but the staff with our partner organizations. 

And three: The patience and the positive attitudes of all the families I’ve come in contact with. 


What are some of the mistakes you've made during your first year at 4Cs, and how have you learned from them?  


MANARANG: I don’t know if I want to call them mistakes, but I would say I discovered a number of complex challenges, due to the multiple perspectives and aspects, ranging from stakeholders to the funding resources to the evolving compliance mandates.  

What challenges is 4Cs currently facing, and what are you doing to overcome them in your role as the official Executive Director for the agency?  

MANARANG: The growing need for childcare is a big one. The Silicon Valley has high cost competitive rates, which can be very challenging for some families. We always have to be looking at and staying in compliance with regulations, while delivering services and navigating the funding aspects.  


What do you appreciate most about working at 4Cs?  


MANARANG: I appreciate the number of men and women who have the passion, and have undertaken the ownership of helping the community; but more importantly, I appreciate being part of a group of individuals who like to make an impact on the lives of many.  

What are you looking most forward to in your role as Executive Director?  

MANARANG: I look forward to helping build an organization that is readily responsive to the children and families, stakeholders, and partners; as well as the delivery of these childcare services. We're continually improving the services in response to the growing needs of parents and society.  


Anything else you want to add?  


MANARANG: I want to recognize everyone -- our parents, our child care providers, our stakeholders, and the agencies that have funded us to be able to successfully help the children and families. Thank you very much for your unwavering trust and confidence in the agency, in our staff, in our programs, and in our mission to make the year successful. A bigger thank you for the past 45 years.  


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