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The California Strong Start Index Launches to Support the Raising of Resilient Children

Every year, in California, half a million babies are born.

All of them, depending upon a variety of different factors, have access to different resources, which will determine many aspects of their health and resilience. And in order to fully understand the conditions these babies are being born into, the First 5 Association of California and Children's Data Network have teamed up to launch something very promising.

It's called the California Strong Start Index. And what it does is collect and study conditions at babies' births, in order to best understand how to provide and offer resources that will best equip children with health and resilience, as they move forward in life. 

Jolene Smith, CEO of First 5 Santa Clara County, sent an email out about the Index's launch. "As local members of the First 5 Association, we’re excited to use this tool to more effectively advocate for services and supports that help kids in our county thrive," Smith wrote. "The Strong Start Index will allow us to describe the number of assets (family, health, service, economic) children have at birth, in real time, using birth records and census tract data." 

A child's life is so precious. The years go by so quickly. And since it's known that a child's brain grows by 90% within those first 5 years, it's important to use our time with them wisely. A tool like the California Strong Start Index will provide us with ways to fully understand what children in our community need, so that we can waste no time in providing them with support and resources that will set them up with a strong foundation for life. 

Go to to learn more about this valuable tool. 



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