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Happy Financial Literacy Month

Since April is officially Financial Literacy Month, it gives us a good opportunity to discuss the importance of having a stable financial profile, complete with robust savings...

What does “Financial Literacy” mean? Well, it’s not only a general term, but a personal one, as well. In other words, true Financial Literacy is marked not just by general financial knowledge, but knowledge about your own financial situation, beyond simple matters relating to your income and cash flow.

For example, when was the last time you checked out your Social Security Statement? If you’re interested in verifying how much you’ve paid in Social Security taxes over the years, as well as the resulting benefits that you can expect, then this statement should certainly be in your awareness (and closely double-checked for accuracy).

Child care providers are by their very nature future planners. They plan for the futures of the kids in their care, but they should also plan for and secure their own futures. Being mindful about Financial Literacy, complete with knowing how to save and tracking one’s Social Security outlook, makes for a terrific start. And the mere knowledge that one’s financial footing is strong actually makes one’s financial footing stronger. For knowledge is power.

Power starts with knowing.

4Cs’ staff can also benefit from Financial Literacy. All adults can, in fact.

Look ahead, know where you stand, and develop a sense of what’s to come — and what you can do to maximize its potential.

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